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Studying abroad is currently the choice of many young people. Studying in a foreign country, using a different language, and living in a new culture will help students practice their ability to be independent and adapt to a new environment to develop themselves.
Currently, foreign language ability is a necessary condition for students after graduating to apply for any position or career.Under students in developed countries always have the opportunity to be recruited by many international corporations or companies. As long as students are equipped with enough knowledge, career skills, and the ability to adapt to problems in life and work, job opportunities will become open. This is also the reason why many young people want to study abroad.


Masataka Ota

In the 21st century, as the world’s internationalization progresses rapidly, the exchange of people from Japan to other countries in various fields such as academia, culture and economics as well as from country in addition to Japan is becoming active in Japan.

Now, young people of the next generation are eager to learn, live and interact with people from all over the world and desire the right guidance and environment. The purpose of our school is to respond to the needs of the times, to foster friendship and mutual understanding with foreign countries through Japanese language education and to cultivate human resources that can bridge literary exchanges. chemical.

For this reason, we plan to organize school events so that residents and locals have a deeper understanding not only of Japanese language education but also the students on the teaching side, to the school and Local people have deeper understanding.


Zamami Tetsuya

Our school has a curriculum and educational system so that you can acquire the comprehensive Japanese needed for research and research at universities and vocational schools. To be successful in society, language skills and communication skills are very important.

Therefore, at our school, we are actively introducing part-time accommodation and job counseling during the first year of admission and moving towards employment and school counseling in the second year as part of developing communication skills. We strive to build relationships of trust through deeper communication between teachers and students. We consider part-time employment while studying in Japan an important issue and we are also teaching how to work in Japan and manage on-site. We will create a system that allows school staff to provide adequate support so students can build their part-time experience as their own long-term and productive career plans.

As globalization develops, we will seriously implement Japanese language education and develop human resources to create human resources required by the international community.